Connecting great people with great companies for great results.

At SearchLabs, we make hiring and job hunting as easy and simple as possible so you can focus on what you do best. We believe in the 80/20 rule. That 20% of companies come up with 80% of innovation in the industry, and 20% of talent do 80% of the work. We represent that 20%. 

At SearchLabs, we understand when it comes to hiring, speed, and precision are the goals. Whether on Contingency or Retainer, our specialist verticals are the reason we’ve been so successful since we first opened our doors in 2010. Our customised approach to all searches, regardless of title or level, separates us from our competitors. When combined with our single-point-of-contact account management style, we’re able to ensure consistent and timely service that emphasizes your priorities.

Our thorough recruitment process is designed to meet your needs by understanding your organization’s business goals, culture, and subsequent human capital objectives, and then dedicating the required resources to see your dream become a reality.

Our five-point proven process includes:

We look forward to discussing how SearchLabs can be an integral, time, and cost-saving option for all your mission-critical hires. Let’s talk!

Our 3 Uniques

1. Specialized

We specialize within the industry and verticals we service, therefore allowing us to deliver quick and lasting results.

2. Relationships

We focus on building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with every client and candidate we interact with.

3. Custom Approach

We have a customised, proven approach that our consultants apply to every search to ensure success.