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At SearchLabs, we make hiring and job hunting as easy and simple as possible so you can focus on what you do best. We believe in the 80/20 rule. That 20% of companies come up with 80% of innovation in the industry, and 20% of talent do 80% of the work. We represent that 20%. 


Phillip Coffey
CEO & Founder

Phillip Coffey is CEO and Founder of SearchLabs (formerly PMC Specialist Recruitment Solutions), he has been at the forefront of the Specialist Recruitment industry for decades.  After graduating with multiple degrees in Economics and Business Administration, coupled with years of experience working in both construction and business development roles, Phillip followed his passion of assisting both companies and people in the recruitment industry.

Combining his business acumen, his analytical capabilities, and his consultative expertise, Phillip has looked to create an unparalleled process and recruitment service to multiple specialties and markets across North America and the Caribbean. His technical specialty is within the Design Industry—specific to buildings, systems, and structures. Over the years whether assisting with the Consulting Engineers of Ontario, the multiple Construction Associations, assisting companies with mergers/acquisitions, equity positions, key talent or proactively assisting the top 20% in their field realize their career goals and objectives, Phillip has devoted much of his life to the advancement of business and people’s careers.

Phillip’s dedication, work effort, and passion are illustrated in every aspect within SearchLabs. He is responsible for all the macro related decisions on behalf of the firm and is supporting the firm in mentoring and training the next generation of leaders.

June Coffey

June Coffey is the President of SearchLabs and she is responsible for the overall business, operations, and activities within the firm.  She has been specialized in IT recruitment for over 15 years.  With her interest in high growth start-ups, consulting companies, financial technology companies and telecommunications, she has helped many companies scale by identifying key talents and has helped shape careers by helping candidates identify their next opportunity that launches them forward.

Using the knowledge she gained as a C++ developer in her previous career, June is able to help clients focus on defining the vision and goals for their business to provide them with the talent to get there, with or without a job description.  For candidates, she gives guidance to develop a long-term vision for their careers and a path to get there by matching them with their next opportunity.   Especially since June understands that many brilliant technical candidates struggle with interviews or representing themselves.

June has a Bachelors of Computer Science with a specialization in Software Design, as well as a Bachelors degree in Economics. 

Jeremy Lawson

Jeremy Lawson is the Vice President of SearchLabs, and has specialized in Construction, Engineering, and Architecture recruitment for 8 years, complimented by 20+ years in Business Development and Operations Management. Having spent time in the field in Civil Contracting, Jeremy is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of both Clients and Candidates alike, allowing him to find creative and career-changing opportunities on both sides of the fence.

With a strong grasp of the challenges faced by employers and professionals in today’s fast-paced industry, Jeremy focuses connecting the top 20% of the industry with each other in an effort to drive both business and careers forward.
With a range that spans the breadth of Canada, coast-to-coast across the United States, along with the Caribbean, Jeremy’s continual drive towards operational excellence has allowed him to become embedded in local markets while having an international reach.

Currently a Registered Professional Recruiter with the Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada, Jeremy is also currently undertaking his Executive MBA through the University of Wales.

Niresh Rajeswaran
Manager, IT Solutions

Niresh is the Manager for our IT division where he partners with CEOs and senior level executives to grow their business by providing them excellent talent within the IT industry. After working for nearly 8 years in sales specific functions, Niresh has effectively grasped quintessential skills needed to cater to his audience along with providing the best customer service.

Niresh has been working at SearchLabs for the last 4 years, where he started his career as Recruitment Consultant and was then promoted to leading the entire IT Team. Niresh is someone who likes to streamline the hiring process as much as possible for helping both his team and his clients. Although Niresh manages the entire IT team, he himself specializes in the Telco, Fintech and P&C verticals of IT.

Niresh has successfully attained a Diploma in Business Management from Humber College.M

Vallen Reyes
Finance Manager

Vallen Reyes is the Finance Manager at SearchLabs and a seasoned finance specialist with more than ten years of accounting operations experience. He has experience in multiple sectors, including staffing solutions, property management, IT, and non-profits. While currently working on his CPA certification, Vallen is also interested in making processes more efficient and he loves working with Excel.

Vallen brought his experience to SearchLabs more than two years ago. In that time, he has used his skills to help make the process of the accounting cycle more streamlined and seamless. Vallen is adept at envisioning and achieving financial strategies and policies, including, treasury, budgeting, estimating project costs, and business plans. Vallen’s client-focused approach and talent for problem-solving have made him an instrumental part of the executive team.

Our 3 Uniques

1. Specialized

We specialize within the industry and verticals we service, therefore allowing us to deliver quick and lasting results.

2. Relationships

We focus on building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with every client and candidate we interact with.

3. Custom Approach

We have a customized, proven approach that our consultants apply to every search to ensure success.