Join us January 18th for our first workshop:
Crush Your Next Interview

We are excited to help you Crush Your Interview! Please join us on Tuesday, January 18th at 2 PM when SearchLabs President June Coffey will teach you all the interview tips you need to help you land your dream job. As a bonus, download the Crush Your Interview Workbook as a complete guide to your next interview.

SearchLabs is pleased to announce that all donations will directly benefit The Super Sophia Project, an incredible organization we proudly support.

If you would like to receive further expert assistance and support to Crush Your Next Interview, please reach out to June Coffey at

Have you ever interviewed for a job you had ALL the skills for but didn’t get it because the interview stumped you!?
Perhaps it’s been a while since you had your last interview, and you have no idea where to start to prepare?

What You Will Learn

In this workshop, we’ll cover how to prepare for your next interview. Like many before you, you can use these techniques to crush your next interview and get your dream job! I will show you simple ways to frame your experience to answer situation questions in an interview. Here is a sample of what we’ll cover in this incredible workshop event:

• Where to start your job search
• Top mistakes candidates make
• Best resume tips How to prepare for your interview
• How to nail the most commonly asked questions

…and much, MUCH More! Don’t miss this breakthrough workshop that will finally show you how to prepare for your next interview.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is ideal for:

  ✓ Anyone who has not interviewed for the past 2 years and is looking to start their job search
✓ Anyone who has trouble during interviews with the most commonly asked questions

About The Speaker


June Coffey. President

June Coffey is the President of SearchLabs, and she is responsible for the overall business, operations, and activities within the firm. After receiving her degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Software Design and Economics, she worked as a C++ Software Developer before entering the world of IT Recruitment. 


Over the past 16 years, June has interviewed over 7000 candidates and coached and helped countless people get the next role in their careers. She is very skilled at helping individuals frame their experiences to allow them to shine in an interview.

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